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Online Piano lessons -

$80 USD (£60) per hour

Aimed at students of all ages and levels of attainment who are keen to progress quickly with their piano studies. In addition to core piano technique and repertoire, music theory is worked into lessons to cement musical understanding. Time can also be spent developing wider skills including composition, improvisation, and techniques for learning by ear. Preparation for formal exams (ABRSM, Trinity, etc.) typically forms part of lesson plans, but this is optional and dependent on the student's own goals.

Lessons take place over Zoom or Skype depending on preference.



Studio recordings performed by me  

From $130 USD (£100)

Once you send over the sheet music, I'll take it from there and to learn the piece(s) and deliver a recording in both lossless (.wav or .aiff) and .mp3 formats.


Base fee is $130 (£100), which should be enough for most simple (up to grade 5 standard) pieces. Longer/more complicated projects come at an extra $80 (£60)/hour and an accurate estimate will be given beforehand.



Write or finish a composition

From $260 USD (£200)

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to go next with a composition. If you'd like me to finish your piano composition to give you an idea of one path it might take, get in touch.

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