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I understand that Licence restrictions are now active in Germany and Austria that prohibit creators from using music in their Reels and Posts without obtaining prior consent from the Licence-holder.

In response to this, I welcome creators worldwide - be they commercial or individuals - to use my music in their Instagram Reels/Stories/Posts, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Videos. No licence is required for these uses but, if you wish to message me to be sure, my Instagram handle is @lukefaulknermusic.

Here is a video guide for finding my music within Instagram:


Mir ist bekannt, dass es in Deutschland und Österreich Lizenzbeschränkungen gibt, die es Urhebern verbieten, Musik in ihren Reels und Posts zu verwenden, ohne vorher die Zustimmung des Lizenzinhabers einzuholen.

Als Reaktion darauf begrüße ich alle Kreativen - ob kommerziell oder privat - die meine Musik in ihren Instagram Reels/Stories/Posts, YouTube Shorts und TikTok Videos verwenden möchten. Für diese Verwendungen ist keine Lizenz erforderlich, aber wenn Sie mir sicherheitshalber eine Nachricht zukommen lassen möchten lautet mein Instagram-Handle: @lukefaulknermusic.


Everyone is welcome to use my music on Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels without a licence, be they a commercialised creator or an individual! My music is licence-free for these purposes so just search my name in sounds 😉


Other than in the aforementioned social media posts, commercial undertakings will require a licence. Rates are considered on a project basis and generally guided by the MCPS rate card albeit with some flexibility for those contacting me directly via the form below.


Students and charities are encouraged to use my music in their non-commercial projects but will need to get in touch using the form below in order to obtain non-restricted recordings.


Thanks for submitting!

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